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Premium Zoom backgrounds designed for perfection.


No doubt you have been participating in a lot more online meetings in recent times.

Many of us were unprepared for this major shift in the way we network and communicate with clients and colleagues. In the early part of 2020, Zoom’s daily participants jumped from 10 million to over 200 million in just 3 months.

The result?

Endless grids of faces sitting in front of plain walls. Do you know what we call a blank wall in media and marketing? Ad space. This is a unique opportunity to market yourself in a way you can’t usually — you can control your background.

Background plays an important role in how you are perceived by customers, prospects and colleagues. This is why video creators spend thousands on lighting and prop placement for TV to enhance the background.

While it’s fun to set your virtual background as the Simpsons living room during staff video calls, there is more at stake when it comes to sales opportunities and building brand awareness.

That’s why we’ve used our design and digital marketing expertise to craft customized, premium zoom virtual backgrounds to help our customers — and now you.


Stand out With Company Branded Zoom backgrounds

Blending into your environment is the surest way to go unnoticed. Savvy businesses have already caught on to the marketing opportunity by using company branded backgrounds. Right now, they are standing out the most among the sea of free stock photos everyone has access to.

Branded virtual backgrounds for Zoom helps:

  • Be memorable to others
  • Promote your business for you
  • Enhance your brand perception and credibility
  • Keep your branding consistent across staff

Your tailored backgrounds can be repurposed and used for social media, website content, email marketing and adverts. Just one background can serve a whole team.


Animated Zoom backgrounds

For as little as £30, you can get a premium animated or static Zoom virtual background made by a graphic design marketing professional. Use them across your team and spread your brand far and wide.


Virtual backgrounds and video calls are here to stay

Popular speculation suggests that flexible working isn’t going anywhere. Even the most reluctant companies have now adjusted operations to cater to working from home. Workers have been able to demonstrate working productively with remote work while saving travel costs and commute time. According to Forbes, “when the pandemic subsides, WFH will remain popular with professionals, and that will force companies—even those that were not the biggest proponents of having a virtual workforce—to become more flexible”.

In other words, premium backgrounds have become a long-term investment for any company to use in their marketing.

Most of our enquiries for backgrounds come from interested onlookers in online meetings.


Some of our work for happy customers


Zoom Background Requirements

Is your current Zoom virtual background NOT working for you? There could be different types of issues that could be affecting this. Here are a few steps to check to make sure your devices are compatible:-


  • If you’re on a PC or Mac, you need at least an i5 processor or better.
  • If you’re on an iPad, you need an iPad Pro or better.
  • If you’re on an iPhone, you need an iPhone 8 or better.
  • If you’re on android, this is currently not supported.

To view a list of the full systems requirements, take a look at the link below:-

Getting the most from your background

No Option To Select Virtual Background?

In your browser, click on your profile image icon (top right) Zoom setting, go to ‘Personal’ and scroll down to ‘Settings’, click ‘In Meeting (Advanced)’, then scroll until you see ‘Virtual Background’, switch this on, which will then save automatically.

Is your Zoom background mirrored?

If your background is not displaying correctly and mirrored, scroll back down to the chevron next to the video camera icon on the bottom, and click on ‘Video Settings’. Click on the ‘Mirror My Video’, this should rectify your image to display properly.

Have a Green screen?

If you have a greenscreen or a solid background behind you, this will help with your virtual background to display properly.

Avoid Blending Into Your Background

If your background is blending into your real background and you may be ‘floating’ within your background, you probably don’t have enough light to support the effect, try moving to an area with lots of light, or an over-head light or window will do.

Further issues

If you are still having further issues, you can always reach out to Zoom Support:-

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How To Use Custom Zoom backgrounds and Technical Support

We have partnered with Affinity IT, who can help you make the most of your custom virtual background and tackle any general IT, telecoms and electrical problems you may have. This includes help to become device compatible to Zoom ahead of the competition with a premium background.

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