Monthly Digital Marketing Retainer Services
to Support and Maintain Your Online Presence

Managing as much of your daily Digital Marketing in house as possible is what we advise.
You and your employees will know your business better than any external consultant or agency could.

Our Digital Marketing Essentials service offers you a regular interaction with a consultant who can help to advise and guide you in your strategy as well as providing monthly progress and ideas reports without the cost of outsourcing all of your marketing.  If you do need more we can help in lots of ways including creating content, interacting with customers, improving your search engine rankings and keeping your website up to date, secure and healthy.

Content Marketing

Engage, Inform, Entertain and Inspire
  • 1 blog post per month
  • 3 social media posts per week
  • 1 infographic per quarter
  • Sharing of content across up to 5 social media profiles.

Relationship Marketing

Respond, React and Serve
  • Monitoring of up to three social media accounts
  • Quick responses to queries and messages from your customers and prospects
  • Engagement with key influencers through likes, shares and comments.
  • Building relationships through active conversations.

WordPress Site Maintenance

Stay Secure, Up to Date and Accessible
  • Regular updates to your WordPress software, plugins and themes.
  • Technical support if something goes wrong.
  • Updates and amendments to your site content.
  • Additional features enabled when available.

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