We offer the following services to help you ensure your business is secure:

External Security Assessments

An External Security Assessment (or External Penetration Test) is conducted remotely, over the internet and is designed to mimic the actions of a hacker attempting to break into your systems, and evaluate the risks posed to your internet facing infrastructure.

Internal Security Assessments

An Internal Security Assessment (Internal Penetration Test) is undertaken at the clients premises and targets systems specified by the client.  There are two types of Internal Assessment:


A Standard ISA will assess the network and connected systems with the aim of highlighting vulnerabilities and weak systems that could be abused by an internal attacker.

Goal Oriented Assessment

A Goal Oriented Assessment simulates a real attack with the scenario specified by the client. Prior to the test, key systems are identified / specified and the Consultants attempt to compromise these specified systems using numerous attack types and network connected machines.

Web Application Testing

Designed to evaluate the security of a clients web applications across a number of areas including data transmission, privilege escalation, application hijacking and attacks from the latest threats.

These assessments help identify vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting which are commonly used attack vectors. We utilise a number of automated and manual tools and techniques to discover and exploit vulnerabilities, the aim being to identify vulnerabilities, the risks they pose and verify our findings.

Mobile Application Assessment

With an increasingly mobile workforce, a reliance on mobile devices, remotely deployed and network connected sensors, a mobile application assessment is designed to assess the security of the mobile devices deployed by the company.

The testing of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and networked sensors is designed to evaluate the security of these devices across a number of areas including data transmission, hijacking and attack as well as theft.

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