Lucy Owens

Lucy is a facilitator and career/employment coach, helping people to enhance theirs skills and confidence in leadership, management, career and personal effectiveness. She also offers training in the form of practical workshops to boost interpersonal and management skills.

” I’ve found it great to work with you on the design and launch of my website. I’m not very tech savvy and it’s been brilliant to work with someone who knows their stuff and has a great eye for what’ll work well on my website. Also, I’ve appreciated Jessica training me up in the basics of SEO and wordpress editing, so that I can get going with adapting and updating my website as I want to. Many thanks for your help. I love my website. “

Lucy Owens

We built a website for Lucy to showcase her services and interact with her customers through blog articles and information sharing.  Lucy had some original artwork provided by a local designer which she wanted to incorporate in to the design.  Take a look around the site for how we included the ‘cloud people’ in to this project.

clouding people




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4th February 2016