Cyber Monday Deal: WordPress Annual Maintenance & Support


Exclusively for Cyber Monday, you can get 2 months of Wordpress website maintenance and support absolutely free.

Free up time, boost website performance, security and keep everything updated. Offer ends at 5 PM December 2nd.

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What is our Wordpress Annual Maintenance and Support service?

Owning a website can bring countless benefits from sales to brand awareness, but with it comes the responsibility of maintenance. The various plugins that make up your WordPress site require constant updates to keep the website functioning properly, and some updates can even break the website. We make sure everything stays updated so your site keeps running smoothly.

Most websites collect personal data that is sensitive and this needs to be protected to avoid hefty legal penalties. That's just one of many reasons a high standard of security is crucial. Anyone who successful hacks your website can essentially do whatever they please, include deleting everything in the process. We provide concrete security to keep you safe. We also regularly monitor potential risks and blacklist them early on before they become a genuine threat.

Finally, while having a website presence is a great start for your business, in reality, consumers visiting your site have high expectations when it comes to user experience. This means your website needs to perform to the best of its ability. We enhance your website's performance by, for example, reducing file sizes through image compression to improve page speed.

In addition to regular maintenance, our customers get 6 hours of website support to help you with any needs along the way. Our WAMS service is designed to free up your time and provide you with ease of mind knowing that your website is being frequently updated, monitored for security threats, and performing well. Upkeep is a fundamental part of owning a website but it doesn't have to be your responsibility. Call us on 0114400011 if you have any questions before making a purchase. Regardless, we will be in touch to set you up and get everything moving.


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