If I was to ask you what are the 4 or 5 most important business blog articles on your website, could you pick them out? An important strategy when planning blog content, especially for a new website is to include some key content that is valuable to your customers and which will have some relevance to many of the posts you might write in the future.

Build Strong Links.

Cornerstone articles are the ones that people might come back to read again and again. Readers bookmark them and use them as a reference tool.
If there are any core concepts that you are regularly explaining and discussing with your customers, write a cornerstone article for it which you can direct people to for advice and guidance. Link to these cornerstone content posts from your other shorter posts, pointing people to read more about the topic in depth. For example, if your blog is about travel you could write cornerstone articles for each country that you visit and then link smaller articles about specific towns or places within that country to the higher level cornerstone content for those who want to know more.

More importantly than giving yourself a central reference to link to is getting other external sites to link to you. That means making your content as interesting and engaging as possible. It goes without saying that the more informative and useful your content is and the more comprehensive you can be about your subject the more likely others will be to link to you.

How Long Should Cornerstone Content Be?

In a previous post, I wrote about how long your blog posts should be and this included a recommendation to try to get to 1000-1500 words for a decent article. If you thought that was too much work then cornerstone content writing is not for you and I recommend you find a good blogger or digital marketing agency who can create it for you. Cornerstone articles need to be at least 2000 words and should be much longer. It is not unusual for good cornerstone content articles to be between 5000 and 10,000 words.

Is This The Same As Evergreen Content?

Could your cornerstone content go out of date quickly? If you are going to have to regularly update and maintain it then it is still flagship content and forms a cornerstone of your linking strategy but it is not ‘evergreen’. As the name suggests this is content that does not date (or not too much – a few tweaks to keep things current is fine but not if you have to regularly rewrite most of the article).

Don’t Keep It To Yourself

Once you’ve selected your cornerstone content start sharing it everywhere you can. Social media is the obvious starting point but there are lots of other places too. If your post provides information on a topic and/or answers a question you could post a link to it on discussion sites such as Quora and Reddit or in LinkedIn group discussions and extend your reach to a new audience who are looking for help in your target areas. Don’t overshare but also don’t forget that your cornerstone content should continue working for you over a longer period than your shorter more time sensitive posts.

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