Business are using animated GIFs for digital marketing in a number of ways and you can too.

Although the social media giant Facebook does not support animated GIFs (yet) there is still a place for this format in your strategy.  GIFs are supported on most other Social Media channels and you can use animated GIFs for digital marketing in a number of ways such as in your email marketing campaigns, websites and pay per click adverts.

What is an Animated GIF and How do I Create One?

An animated GIF is short series of images or frames presented in order to create an animation.  They are easy to create and there are lots of online tools available to help you.  Our favourite is Giphy which provides a really simple interface to create your own gifs from images and videos on your computer or by simply entering the URL address for the content you want to include.

GIFs on Twitter

Twitter has supported GIFs since 2014 and they have become a very useful marketing tool for many businesses and brands.  In March 2016 Twitter celebrated this type of content inviting users to share a GIF with the hashtag #GIFparty.

Lots of brands responded to this opportunity to showcase their content.  Here is one of our favourites from camera makers GoPro.

Subtle Enhancements to a Static Ad

Adverts can be given a little twist to make them more interesting to the audience.  The ad below from Boden might just catch your eye enough for you to take a second look and once you’ve paused to check if the level of lemonade in that glass on the left really did go down you might just take those extra few seconds to look at the ad in more detail and even click the link.

Animated GIFs for Digital Marketing

Using GIFs on your Website

We all remember some of the awful website of the 1990s and early 2000s with dancing hamsters or bananas, gaudy flashing sale signs and headaches inducing pages containing too many moving images but in 2016 things are very different.  Brands are using GIFS to add subtle animation to otherwise static pages which enhance the user experience and help to highlight new or featured products.  The example below is taken from the Dorothy Perkins website.

Animated GIFs for Digital Marketing on Websites


Spice up your Infographics

Infographics can be a good way to get the point across about a topic, however they can also be quite large and require the reader to scroll down the page.  They are also not always suited well to mobile viewing.

With a GIF, not only can you animate the infographic you can also fit more messages in to a smaller space which works much better on a smaller screen.

The images in the GIF below were originally created for a poster produced by Seattle’s nonprofit International Sustainability Institute, the Washington Post then put them together in this animated GIF.

Animated GIFs for Digital Marketing with Infographics

Beware of Copyright Infringement

You could share a GIF you like from another source, using content you have acquired online or elsewhere or create a mashup of other people’s content, however you need to make sure that you are on the right side of copyright law.  Either get permission from the originator of the images or videos you are using or make sure that they come with a creative commons licence which allows you to use them for commercial purposes.

Be careful when using images or videos in your GIFs which contain clips from TV Shows or Movies

If you are making your own GIF all the content in it is your own that you have created or commissioned and own the copyright to then you will have no problems and you can create away.Animated GIF - Keep Calm and Dont GIF Up

Need Some Help?

If you would like a professional animated GIF creating to enhance your digital marketing get in touch with Zeun Digital now to find out how we can help.


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