It’s good to start the year with a plan and your Digital Marketing strategy is no exception.  Technology is constantly changing and over the last couple of weeks we have seen loads of articles from marketing and SEO experts with their reflections on the previous year and predictions for the coming one, but the important thing is what YOU want to achieve for your business this year.

Here are our suggestions for some simple things you can do right now to set your digital marketing goals for 2016.

Decide what you want to achieve.

If you are an ecommerce business your main goal is obviously to sell more. But do you want existing customers to order more items or choose the more expensive option? Or are you looking to increase the volume of orders that you receive.  For B2B you might not sell directly online so your goal could be to generate leads, collecting contact information for your salespeople to follow up.

For knowledge based businesses you might just want to drive traffic to your website in order to share information. Most businesses will also want to build brand identity, awareness and ultimately customer loyalty.

You should be thinking about goals to drive engagement across all your channels and frequent visitors to your website.

Review what worked well last year.

Before you decide what to do next, take some time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t from your previous efforts.  

Which social media channels brought the most traffic to your site in 2015?  What were your 5 best performing posts in terms or reach, likes, shares and comments and why do you think these might have done better than your other posts?

Who were your most important influencers last year?  Who shared your content the most or made the most comments on your blog?  These are your fan base and the people you need to nurture and find more of.

Research your market

What have your competitors done differently in the past year that seems to have worked for them?  If they were to do one thing this year that could impact your business what would it be?  Can you do it first?

Choose some of your most active customers on your current channels and see if they have profiles in other places? Are they more active on Twitter than Facebook?  Could you connect better with B2B customers on LinkedIn?  Search for their profiles and connect.

Pick your most important keywords or hashtags and search for them across different online channels to get an idea of where they are being used and what conversations are going on that you could get involved in.

Set Your Key Performance Indicators

Now you know what your goals are you can set yourself some clear objectives to work towards.  This could be revenue generated, average order value, frequency of visits or engagement or the amount of social sharing.

You can use tools like Google Analytics to help you measure most of this.

Take Action

After thinking about your goals, deciding what to measure and researching your market it’s now time to do something about it.  Write down 5 things you want to achieve in 2016 and go back to it at least once a month to see how you are doing.  Pick 10 keywords you will target this year and use them in your content, posts and links.

Get in touch with an SEO expert who can review your website and make changes to optimise it with your updated keyword list.

Make a content marketing plan and put it in your calendar with key content and milestones throughout the year.

If you would like some help with planning or implementing your Digital Marketing campaigns and strategy in 2016 give us a call on 0114 400 0011 or email info@zeun.co.uk to arrange a free initial consultation meeting.


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