1.  Spamming posts does not mean more engagement

It is a common misconception that spamming loads of content all over social media platforms will increase the results. However, studies have proven that this is completely untrue. The more you post, the levels of engagement will be much lower compared to if you were to only post a few times a day. This almost seems illogical but it is true in the fact that some people do not tend to pay attention to a page that continuously spams the news feed, doing this could also lead to a bad reputation or even as far as to be unfollowed.

2.  Facebook native video does better than YouTube in reach.

Although YouTube is the most widely known video website, recently it has slipped in terms of ‘being the best for video engagement’. Facebook in most cases has the better ‘sharing’ aspect towards videos, meaning if you like, comment or share a video from Facebook, it has a higher chance of reaching more people by your interaction than if you were to do the same on YouTube. This means that videos are more likely to get shared around on Facebook as seen by the massive increase of viral videos via Facebook in the recent years.

To prove this, this picture below shows how advertisers and agencies are realising that Facebook has more potential than YouTube in terms of video advertising as more of them are planning to run a video campaign or promotion next year.


3.  Majority of Facebook user base uses it on mobile only

With the rise of the availability of smart phones, many people are simply using social media mainly on their phones due to the convenience of it. Some people may not have time or like using it on the computer so marketer’s must realise and accept that their campaigns or promotions must be mobile friendly as well. To put this into perspective, 71% of users utilise a mobile device to access media, that is a huge portion of people if you put it into real numbers, so it is always best to run mobile friendly campaigns.

4.  LinkedIn is more viable than you think

Linked in has one of the largest professional social networking sites, it has also been around since 2002 so it has had a lengthy run. It has over 400 million users, mainly being 45-54 years old and serves as one of the largest B2B platforms on the internet. It definitely has become popular in recent years with it’s $634 million growth in 2014 which was a 44% increase from 2013.

5.  54% of B2B marketers say they have generated leads from social media

If you were not persuaded by social media. You should be now, many studies from all over the internet say how they’ve generated leads from their social media platforms. The best thing about this is that the majority of a companies’ social media presence doesn’t cost a penny (unless you spend money on adverts.)

6.  People share content 49% more on weekdays than on weekends. (Social Media Today)

Take this into account when and what day to publish your content. Facebook’s insight feature allows you to specifically look into what day, time and how content is interacted with, this should influence how you post content.

7.  12. 75% of customers say they use social media as part of the buying process. (Biznology)

Social media is made up from real people and there is something really convincing about other real people giving reviews about a certain product or service because it isn’t the company simply self promoting themselves, it’s people giving their review about it. It should be easy for people to be able to review you online because it stands as testimonials. This number is projected to rise as social media keeps growing worldwide.


This blog post was written by London Management Centre, a corporate training company based in London and we offer corporate training courses at our London and Dubai offices on the topics of Leadership, management, human resources, interpersonal skills, media, PR, finance and many more subjects.

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