How many things do you repeatedly do each day?  If you broke down each of your processes in to the most basic steps, how many are replications?

In the Office

  • Adding someone’s contact details to your Email Contact List, Mailing List, LinkedIn and CRM.
  • Creating a task in your task list relating to each new appointment in your calendar.
  • Creating a reminder to call someone when they complete your contact form.
  • Posting your new blog article to all of your social networks and adding a reminder to post again within a certain time frame.
  • Saving links to articles you want to read later
  • Turn the coffee machine on when you arrive

On your mobile phone?

  • Send a text to your partner when you leave work
  • Turn your phone on to silent at a particular time every day
  • Mute your phone during a meeting and then turn it back up when the meeting is finished
  • Check twitter for specific mentions or hashtags
  • Check if its going to rain tomorrow

All these things and much more can happen automatically with today’s technology and a little bit of knowhow.  With the Internet of Things becoming more and more prevalent in our lives and smartphones dominating our daily schedule we have the tools at our fingertips to make life much simpler using technology.

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