WordPress started out as a personal publishing or blogging platform, designed to provide an easy way to share your ideas and thoughts, create an online journal or write short stories.  WordPress.com is still a great way to do all those things however there is also the option to download the WordPress software and run it on your own webserver with full control and the ability to customise all aspects of the content management system.  This makes WordPress extremely flexible as a content management system and because of its base in the blogging world it is great for creating, managing and publishing regular new content.

wordpressAs a content management system it is extremely easy to use meaning that most businesses can handle all of their website updates without needing to keep calling on their website developer to make changes to the website.  The interface is very user friendly and you can also set up different types of user with varying levels of access so that you can encourage more people in your business to contribute content to the site without allowing everyone full range to change core areas of your website.

Its not just for small businesses either, some of the biggest names using WordPress for their websites include Sony Music, Xerox, Samsumg, Reuters, The New York Times, The Rolling Stones and Usain Bolt.

Because the code is open source there is a constantly expanding database of design themes and functional plugins that can be adapted to suit the needs of your business.  Whether you want a blog, a brochure style website, a membership site or a fully functioning e-commerce store it can all be done with WordPress.

There are millions of plugins offering all sorts of different functionality including ones to help you improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and integrate your site with other applications such as social media platforms or payment systems.

One of the biggest costs when getting a website designed is the graphic design.  WordPress comes with some quite stylish and customisable standard theme templates and there are millions of free and premium pre-designed templates available to download.  The majority of these templates can then be further customised by your own web designer and tweaked to work with your specific requirements for branding and functionality.  If you still decide you want a design that is truely unique to your business you could still ask your designer to build a completely new theme from scratch.  Because its WordPress the choice on how much or how little to do yourself and how much to use from existing available resources is up to you.

If (or when) you later decide to rebrand or just refresh your image, a whole new template can be designed and applied to your existing content so there is no need to create and populate a whole new website ever again.

Would you like a WordPress site for your business?  Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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