The customer journey in today’s constantly connected, media rich environment is complex and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and maintain your niche within ever changing markets.  Marketing is no longer a simple funnel but a complex web of roads, highways, intersections and other places to stop on the way.

Customers are getting increasingly savvier when making purchasing decisions.  They have information available at their fingertips and that means they can always find the cheapest deal and are easy for your competitors to tempt away from you.  But it works the other way round too, if you can understand the customer journey, get the message right and give them a great experience you can use this loyalty lacking world to gain new customers and if you give them the right experience and turn them in to your brand evangelists you might be able to keep them as customers for a while too.

There are a multitude of channels available for customers to interact with your brand and hear your message.  You need to target customers on more than one platform in order to gain their attention and most importantly you need to understand the ‘journey’ they take to reach you.

You may be familiar with the traditional marketing funnel which depicts the sales process as a set of clear linear steps that a customer takes while making their purchasing decision. That may have been the case in the 2D, disconnected world of the past but nowadays a customer can skip steps and move around in a much more fluid and 3D way. They might interact with some of your channels or touch-points and reject others due to personal preference or timing. What you need to do is understand the different points in time when you can have an impact on your potential customer by encouraging them to engage with your brand, product or service, invite them to find out more and discover all the benefits you can offer and constantly and consistently remind them why you are better than the competition.

Last year I had the pleasure of spending 6 months on the Google Squared program, working with some amazing digital marketers, tech wizards, awesome designers and brilliant business minds.  During this time I was introduced to Google’s take on the Moment’s of Truth concept which goes in to detail on how the growth of web based sales tools and marketing platforms as well as the rich amount of information available has and continues to change the way consumers and businesses make purchasing decisions.  This video gives a simplified introduction to the concept for those who missed it on my old blog when I wrote about it last year:

If you want to find out more we are offering a free webinar on Wednesday 9th September which introduces and expands on the concept of customer journeys.


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