Facebook Authorship exampleYou may recall our posts in the past about Google Authorship but since the search giant changed its mind about tracking author links FaceBook has picked up the gauntlet and launched its own version in the form of the Author Tag.

Facebook wants to develop itself as a form of search engine for both its own content and external links and it also wants to encourage people to create content on its platform.  The problem is that content creators really want to be recognised for their efforts rather than just contributing under the name of a page.  This is especially important for journalists, bloggers and influencers looking to build their reputation through sharing content socially.

This change means that content shared by an individual on Facebook can now include a reference to the original author.  There are a few things you need to do to get this working but the great news is that if you have a WordPress site it is fairly easy to setup.  Each of your users needs to make a small amendment to their security settings and then you can use an SEO tool from a trusted developer such as Yoast which allows you to create the relevant settings in your WordPress dashboard.

The image above shows a post from mashable.com but if you look at the bottom of the text (just above the like and share links) you will see that next to the publisher there is also a reference to the author of the article.  When the author name shows as a blue link there is also the option to ‘follow’ the author in a similar way to following on Twitter.  You don’t have to add them as a friend but you can see their updates in your news feed.  Following has been available on Facebook for a while but the addition of the Author tag means that content creators can extend their regular audience much more easily through their shared content.

If you would like to use Author Tags on your Facebook posts and need some help with the setup we can offer configuration on any website or blog using WordPress, Drupal, Blogger or Weebly for just £30.  Sites with other or no Content Management Systems may vary but this can be done on any site and is especially recommended if you have an RSS enabled news feed.


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